THROUGH THE ARCHIVES: Shareholders meet with directors to discuss progress of new railway line

From the News Letter, March 2, 1868

Tuesday, 2nd March 2021, 6:00 am
Belfast and County Down Railway at Newcastle
Belfast and County Down Railway at Newcastle

The half-yearly meeting of the Downpatrick, Dundrum and Newcastle Railway had been held the previous Saturday, reported the News Letter on this day in 1868, to keep shareholders up-to-date.

At the beginning of the meeting the secretary, Mr Silas Evans, submitted the report of the railway which had previously published in the News Letter.

It was then the turn of the chairman, Mr William R Anketell, JP, to address the shareholders with regards to the report.

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He said: “These accounts have been audited and found correct, and I apprehend there will be no difficulty on your part in passing them.”

This was greeted with the approval of the shareholders.

Mr Anketell continued: “You are aware we have entered into a provisional contract with Mr Oughterson for the construction of the works and laying of the subsequent way, at a cost of £43,000. Subsequent to that, however, we considered it would be in our interest to have worked carried out by ourselves under the superintendence of our own engineer, but we afterwards got such a favourable offer from Messrs Connor and Olley for the construction of the works that we were induced to accept it. The result of this has been that we have effected a saving of £4,000 by accepting their tender, and declining the former one of £43,000.”

Mr Anketell continued that the only thing holding back the opening of the line might be a possible strike by the workmen.

He concluded that he hoped that the next meeting in August or September that the shareholders might get the opportunity to travel to Newcastle by train on the new line.