Time (and wine) is on my side

Day follows day. They all add up.

By An Occasional Tipple With Raymond Gleug
Saturday, 25th June 2022, 6:00 am

Eventually they reach a big number ending in 0 like 50 or 60.

How terribly strange to be 70!

I hope and pray to see that particular day but as my picture above suggests I’m approaching one of the lesser, more comprehensible zeroes.

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The bigger the number grows, the more those days need to be punctuated.

My own preferred form of punctuation in sunny weather is a splash of pink and today’s Wine of the Week is zesty, lively, light and brick-red in hue. The lipsmackingly crisp, reassuringly elegant and satisfyingly savoury 2020 Bendel Cuvee de Caroline Cotes de Provence Rose (£9, Centra/SuperValu) will greet you with captivating floral aromas before a richly textured palate that teems with tangy red berry and slightly sharper citrus flavours. This superbly balanced rose should be well able to withstand the spices in the chicken saag aloo which I lovingly prepared for my darling wife, the enigmatic Madame G.

This is obviously to ensure she wouldn’t starve while I travelled up and own the land collecting cards, gifts and cash from my many, many loved ones.

If only there were more.

More of the people I met while out and about, up and down the country not advertising my birthday, were lovers of white wine.

But in the interests of political correctness and not excluding minorities, I let the pinkies go first, just this once.

Next up is the white man’s (or, more often, woman) pleasure.

Today’s second recommendation, the delightfully dry, zesty and thoroughly refreshing 2020 Domaine Michel Dutarte Pouilly Fume (£13.99, Lidl).

This elegant, delicately scented Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc has an impressively floral bouquet which leads to a smoky, mineral-rich palate with pronounced notes of apple and elderflower before a brief, discreetly acidic finish.

One for lazy, languorous evenings on the patio watching the sun set, as it must, with someone you love, adore or simply like.

Serve lightly chilled with seafood or salad.. it goes down a treat.

Lovers of red, raise your heads from the sand! You maybe last but you’re always in my thoughts.

There are no discriminated minorities among my devoted tipplers.

Not least because I am you.

Today’s final selection, therefore, is the rustic, opulent and vibrantly aromatic 2020 Purato Nero d’Avola (generally £8.99 from local off-licences and wine merchants).

A full-bodied yet delicately spiced Sicilian red, brimfull of ripe, concentrated cherry and blackberry flavours alongside notes of black pepper and coriander before a lengthy, deeply satisfying and very savoury finish which will go very nicely with pizza or tomato-based pasta dishes.

Which is where I must finish today, I hate to love you all and then leave you, but hey ho.

I believe there may be a trip to the capital on the cards tomorrow as I write this on the final day of me having a nine in my age.

So as they say...let the party be-gin or be wine or be beer, I’m not fussy.

Or be something very very alcoholic anyway.

Till next week, tipplers, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me and sante!