​Which houseplants best suit your star sign?

Have you ever wondered if there are particular houseplants to match your personality and star sign?
It's all in the stars when choosing  a houseplantIt's all in the stars when choosing  a houseplant
It's all in the stars when choosing a houseplant

Astrology can help us with picking the size, style and even colours of the best plant for our house, maintains celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman .

Aries – Zanzibar gem

Also known as the ZZ plant, this low-maintenance choice would suit Aries personalities who are outdoorsy and active.

Taurus – Chinese money plant

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The Chinese money plant is said to call in finances and possessions. The routine watering also serves the grounded Taurus well, as they like some structure.

Gemini – Calathea roseopicta

Those born under the sign of the twins love beauty and want something cute and colourful at home, perhaps not too big, and certainly not too delicate.

Cancer – peace lily

Cancer is a water sign that is known for its family orientation, care and love. Cancer benefits from a plant that needs regular watering as a reminder of continuous nurturing.

Leo – Calamondin orange

Leo is a bold and bright sign. A talking piece plant would make a great companion in their home.

Virgo – orchid

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Virgos are known to be great nurturers and love a good routine.

The orchid, which needs regular maintenance, would make a great plant for the sign.

Libra – jasmine

The strong perfume smell and balanced care routine of the jasmine would work well with the Libra love of a balanced lifestyle.

Scorpio – Venus fly trap

This intense, emotional sign enjoys an aesthetic that’s original and unexpected. .

Sagittarius – Kentia palm

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Sagittarius is known for its love of travel and independence, so a simple succulent would work well.

Capricorn – Jade

Slow-growing, Jade will suit Capricorn’s methodical approach to things, sharing a practical yet dependable energy.

Aquarius – Cacti

Aquarius are inquisitive and love to understand how things work, so a cactus will fascinate the eager mind of this air sign.

Pisces – Pothos

As they don’t need too much watering, this is great for Pisces who may get lost in daydream and forget, offers Chandler.

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