How you can help nature this summer?

There’s already been some warm and sunny days this summer, which is perfect for getting out and about to see birds, butterflies and blooms.

By Angela Mahon, RSPB
Friday, 24th June 2022, 4:00 pm
Blue tit Parus caeruleus, juvenile, bathing in garden bird bath.  Co. Durham. July.
Blue tit Parus caeruleus, juvenile, bathing in garden bird bath. Co. Durham. July.

However, sometimes during these warm days, local wildlife may need a helping hand.

While we sit back and relax in the outside with a cold drink, revelling in the sunshine and enjoying all that nature brings, the warmer weather can make life harder for wildlife, that’s why I’ve pulled together a few tips on how you can support them this summer.

Why not consider turning your outside space into a home for nature, by creating small ponds, or providing a shallow dish of water could provide a vital lifeline to some of our much-loved garden visitors such as birds and bees?

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Alternatively, think about creating a small log, leaf and rock pile – damp environments attract invertebrates, which in turn, provide a snack for birds.

Providing access to fresh, clean drinking and bathing water and some shade can make a huge difference to wildlife.

June brought us a bounty of baby birds, that are now ready to leave the nest. During this time, they are extremely vulnerable, as they learn to fly, work on fine tuning their feeding skills and develop that all-important predator awareness.

Parent birds will be out foraging for earthworms and caterpillars, but if the weather turns very wet or dry, consider helping them out by providing high protein food such as fat balls and mealworms.

While there are baby birds aplenty – it’s not too late in the year to put up nest boxes to help spring migratory birds that nest later in the season.

Why not try putting together a swift nest box, house martin home, or swallow nest cup?

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