These Mandalorian toys from Disney+ will make cute gifts for Star Wars fans

Season two of Jon Favreau's wildly popular space Western recently premiered on Disney+, and although the new season features Timothy Olyphant as Cobb Vanth and Temuera Morrison as the bounty hunter Boba Fett, the true star of the show remains 'The Child' - or Baby Yoda, as a million internet memes have nicknamed him.

Star Wars creatures have always been the inspiration for cool, cute toys, and 'The Child' is no exception. Disney+ has dropping 'Mando Monday' merch once a week - here's our pick of the latest options.

The Child (Baby Yoda) Soft-talking toy

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The talking, poseable soft toy version of the Child, is delightfully life-like (well, alien-like), and ideal for those who want to protect their own baby Yoda or are looking for a Mandalorian centrepiece for their desk.

Lego Brickheadz The Mandalorian

Lego™ lover? If you're a younger enthusiast, the new BrickHeadz version of the Child (in his hoverpram!) and the Mandalorian himself, complete with blaster rifle and blaster pistol, makes for simple assemblage and looks cool as anything. If you're a bit older and looking for characters to role-play as, the battle pack set features four Mandalorian warriors and a speeder set.

Lego The Mandalorian Blasterpack

For those kids who really want to enter the world of the Mandalorian themselves, there's the Mandalorian gauntlets - one wrist fires missiles, the other has a light feature and sound effects (perfect for charging around the house seeking bounty!)

The Mandalorian: The Animatronic Soft Toy Yoda

Most covetable of all, though, regardless of your age, is the Child soft toy animatronic. This gorgeous little bundle wiggles, giggles, babbles, moves its ears, and, if patted correctly, closes its eyes, raises it's hand, and uses the force. It's utterly adorable and best of all it comes with a carry bag meaning you can sling the Child onto your hip and take it with you everywhere. Like we said, too cute.

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