Top make up tricks for 2022

Does your make up look need a makeover? Do you have years’ old mascara and broken eyeshadows lurking in your makeup bag? We have all you need to revamp your look for 2022.

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Wednesday, 30th March 2022, 8:33 am
Why not give your look a spring clean and kit out your cosmetics with classic, affordable style?
Why not give your look a spring clean and kit out your cosmetics with classic, affordable style?

Minimalism has been a trend in the fashion market for years … grab yourself some core classic elements and your capsule wardrobe practically builds itself.

From those basic staples you can build your look to take you from home working to holidays, glamourous nights out to romantic nights in.

And it’s the same story when it comes to MAKEUP - why not give your look a spring clean and kit out your cosmetics with classic, affordable style?

Key pieces

It all begins before you start with make-up itself, with what you put under it. Get a good cleansing, toning and moisturising regime and your skin will feel the benefit, with less tendency for spotting or dry patches.

Next up comes your foundation – BB cream or matte powder, liquid look or sun protecting – the choices is yours. Think of your lifestyle – do you need 12 hour cover, rain-proof foundation or a gentle touch so subtle only you will know whether you are wearing it … the choice is yours. Choose your colour match perfectly … there’s nothing so jarring as a jagged edge where foundation meets natural skin tone, so choose with care and blend with attention to detail.

Invest in a decent colour palette for the eyes, where every hue contrasts and complements, meaning you can layer up your look to match your mood and fashion for the day.

Mascara – the tiniest product that packs a mighty punch! Whether you want waterproof or natural, lash extending or plumping and volumising, the top tip is to buy the best you can afford, as it really makes a difference.

Are you guilty of applying your blusher in the same old way as you did in your teens? Google blusher trends and find more than a dozen ways to make the colour pop, or to contour your cheekbones to flatter your face shape.

Invest in a lipstick that suits your skin type – your lips, just like your skin, may work better with some products than others, so choose the one with the right mix of moisture and lasting effect to suit you.

Don’t forget the accessories

A fine painter doesn’t invest all his money in watercolours and oils then throw it on with a cheap brush – the tools of your trade can make a big difference to how the make up goes on, and how comfortable it feels. Some can even help extend the life of your cosmetics by cutting down on wastage.

Make sure you get the right brush for every job … your eyebrows will need a different tool than your eyeliner, and your contour brush will be different from your blusher blender … browse your favourite shop to see what’s hot and what’s not.