What do men really think of Valentine’s Day?

Dan Gordon has been married to Cathy for almost 35 years
Dan Gordon has been married to Cathy for almost 35 years
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Do men relish the thought of treating their women like goddesses for the day or is it a labour of love? Helen McGurk asks some well-known chaps

Singer/songwriter Charlie Landsborough, who is currently in Ireland for his Farewell Tour, is married to Thelma. The couple have been together for an impressive 56 years.

Charlie Landsborough has been married to Thelma for 65 years

Charlie Landsborough has been married to Thelma for 65 years

Charlie says: ‘‘I’m not really into Valentine’s Day but do send my wife a card and give her a smile!

‘‘Sadly I don’t think I ever received one from a secret admirer. I must not have had any,’’ he laughs.

But Charlie has, in the past, sent some anonymous Valentine’s cards.

‘‘I sent one to Thelma before I’d even spoken to her. She still has it. Romantic fool!’’

Peter Corry is married to Fleur Mellor

Peter Corry is married to Fleur Mellor

So does Charlie consider himself a romantic?

‘‘Not really, but I have sometimes left a little note on her pillow or rang her a la ‘I just called to say I love you’.

‘‘I’ve also bought her gifts and flowers.’’

And this year, how will the pair be spending February 14?

George Jones

George Jones

‘‘Like every other day unfortunately. Sad, but I cannot tell a lie!’’

Actor and producer Dan Gordon has been married to his wife Cathy for almost 35 years.

‘‘She says it feels just like yesterday -and says you know what a bloody awful day yesterday was…,’’ he laughs.

In terms of Valentine’s Day, Dan describes himself as ‘a bit of cynic’.

‘‘But I would stretch to the odd bunch of flowers from a filling station.’’

And he is a romantic?

‘‘Last Valentine’s Day I rang Cathy up when I was on tour –I said I wish I had you here with me, kissing and cuddling – making wild passionate love – she said “Who is this?”.

And Dan won’t be spending this Valentine’s Day with his beloved.

‘‘I’ll be doing my show Frank Carson - A Rebel Without A Pause in the Strule Arts Centre in Omagh that night.’’

Singer Peter Corry lives in Hillsborough with his wife Fleur Mellor; the couple have been together for 10 years.

He says: ‘‘We both agreed early on not to single out Valentine’s Day; to be honest we’ve plenty of romantic times throughout the year, so there’s no real need to focus on February 14. I’ll spend Valentine’s like any other day - trying to take over the world.’’

Peter says he is, however, romantically inclined.

‘‘Very much so, I love surprising Fleur and doing thoughtful things to REMIND HER HOW LUCKY SHE IS!’’

Singer George Jones lives in Co Down with his wife Hilary.

George says: ‘‘I used to like Valentine’s Day when it was classed as a romantic day and celebrated the old fashioned way with a mystery card and flowers, but now it’s much too commercial.

‘‘When I was a teenager I got the odd mystery card and I sent a few. It was fun making up your own rhyming verses.’’

George and his wife like to go out for a meal on Valentine’s nigh, but he adds: ‘‘At our age it depends on the weather.’’