19 month old heifer sells for £1220 at Rathfriland

Cattle numbers keep increasing each Friday and last Friday, a larger entry of heifers sold in a much better trade.

A 19 month old Angus heifer from Drummeath sold at £1220 for 600k. A 14 month old BB heifer from the same farm at £1000. A pen of Ch heifers Auglishnafin reached £1120, £1085 and £1005. A Ballyveamore farmer sold a large pen of Ch and Lim heifers to £1080, £1065 and £1020 etc.

A smaller entry of bullocks cleared up to £1100 for a 590k Ch from Aughlisnafin.

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A large entry of fat cows sold to £950 for a 746k Sim from Newcastle.

Breeding bulls sold to £1220 and £1020 with sucklers to £1010.

A great entry of over 100 weanlings sold to £825 for a 448k Lim male with heifer calves to £675 on three occasions.

Dropped calves up to five months old sold to £545 for Ch bulls and £520 for Ch heifers from Glenside farms.

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DROPPED CALVES: Glenside Farms: Ch bulls £535, £515 and £470, Ch heifers £520, £450 and £420. Warrenpoint farmer: Lim bull £375. Sim Heifers from Derrylecka: £375, £340 and £335. Brague farmer: Angus bull £315. Ballynahinch farmer: BB heifer £355, Her heifer £340. Loughbrickland farmer: IM £300. Ballyward farmer: DR bull £270. Magheradroll farmer: Her bull £260 etc.

WEANLINGS: Leitrim farmer: 448k at £825, 418k at £820, 384k at £805, 408k at £735, 370k at £730, 364k at £665 and 380k at £600. Banbridge farmer: 364k at £815, 303k at £685, 264k at £635 for three Lims and 278k at £640. Ballymartin farmer: 368k at £765. Ednego farmer: 290k at £720. Tullyframe farmer: 310k at £630, 304k at £645 and 254k at £580. Ballymartin farmer: 368k at £765, 326k at £645 and 354k at £680. Millford farmer: 350k at £675 (twice), 292k at £670, 260k at £650, 308k at £630. Dromore farmer: 268k at £540. Steens Hill farmer: 158k at £360, 217k at £435, 190k at £340 etc. Ballyveamore farmer: 314k at £710 and 282k at £590.

HEIFERS: Drummeath farmer: 600k at £1220, 570k at £1000. Aughlishnafin farmer: 654k at £1120, 662k at £1085, 630k at £1005 and 650k at £995. Ballyveamore farmer: 592k at £1080, 590k at £1020, 550k at £990, 514k at £935 etc. Rathfriland farmer: 422k at £785, 348k at £650, 424k at £720 etc.

FAT & SUCKLER COWS: A big entry of fat cows eg, Newcastle farmer: 746k at £950 and 714k at £915. Drumarkin farmer: 746k at £800, 654k at £680, 604k at £670. Rathfriland farmer: 588k at £625k. Friesian cows from £460 to £560 etc. A Sim bull sold at £1220. A young Angus bull at £1020. Suckler heifers from £800 to £1010.

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BULLOCKS: Aughlishnafin farmer: 596k at £1100, 618k at £1085, 598k at £1010. Kilkeel farmer: 612k at £1030. Newtownhamilton farmer: 530k at £900. Ballynanny farmer: 446k at £860, 452k at £855, 422k at £850. A Lurgan farmer sold eight Fr bullocks 436k average at £520 average. Tanvally farmer: 4 Fr bullocks, 460k at £590 or 128.3 pence per kilo, 490k at £610, 444k at £560 and 460k at £550.

There was a big increase in spring lamb prices on Tuesday evening. The 64 head sold to 532p/k for 22k at £117 from Ballyroney. 21.5k from Ballyward sold at £113 or 532p/k. 21.5k from Cabragh sold at £108 or 502p/k. The 64 spring lambs averaged 490p/k and £105.50.

HOGGETS: Hoggets also increased in price with 419p/k for 23.5k at £98.50 from Annaclone. A Cabra farmer sold 23.5k at £96.50 or 410.6p/k. Three batches from Kilkeel saw 24.5k at £98 or 402p/k. Ballyroney farmer: 21k at £85.50 or 407p/k. Newtownhamilton farmer: 20k at £82 or 410p/k. The top 10 lots of hoggets sold from £97.50 to £99.

FAT EWES: Fourtowns farmer: £146. Annaclone farmer: £106. Longstone farmer: £101. Ballynahinch farmer: £100. Ballinaskeagh farmer: £99 etc.

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