Aston Martin driver’s speed ‘crept up’ to 122mph

A man caught driving at 122mph in an Aston Martin has avoided a disqualification.

Antrim Court House. INAT51-435AC
Antrim Court House. INAT51-435AC

Paul Thomas (48), of Millbank, Bangor committed the offence on June 13 having been caught by police driving at that speed on the M2 on that date.

The court heard that Thomas is a governor at Rockport School in Holywood.

A defending solicitor told Antrim Magistrates Court that on the day this offence was committed the road was clear and the weather was fine.

Defence said: “It was a sunny evening, around 9pm, the weather was fine and the road was clear. He was heading back from the north coast. He allowed his speed to creep up.”

They added: “He regards his licence as essential for his business. He is a Governor in Rockport and cancelled business commitments in Stockholm to be in court.”

Defence told the court that Thomas owns a business that prepares luxury cars across for test drives and press launches across Europe and his licence is essential for that business.

District Judge Alan White labelled the speed as ridiculous but said he took into account the defendant’s clear record. Thomas was fined £765 for the offence and six penalty points were imposed on his licence.