Causby target of graffiti slur

Vile graffiti about a DUP councillor has been scrawled on walls in Portadown for the second time in as many weeks.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 11th April 2019, 3:37 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th April 2019, 3:47 pm

Cllr Darryn Causby said his family are deeply hurt about the graffiti which accuses him of being ‘in the ‘Ra’.

The latest graffiti appeared at a similar spot as the previous scribblings - at Hoys Meadows - a notorious anti-social blackspot.

And like the previous graffiti, it has hurt and upset his mother, wife and extended family.

Graffiti appears again in Hoys Meadows, Portadown

“This is not going to deter me. We are getting good results and it is not going to stop me.

“It has really upset the family, my mum and wife in particular, because I am being targeted by this slanderous graffiti.”

Cllr Causby said there needs to be an complete upgrade of CCTV facilities in that area and in the town centre, particularly after the mass brawls over recent times.

He explained that in previous years the responsibility for CCTV had been the responsibility of the police due to security situation, however this had since reverted to local councils.

Hoys Meadows is a beauty spot owned by the council and Cllr Causby believes it should be protected with CCTV surveillance.

Cllr Causby added that the council is reviewing CCTV facilities across the borough.

“It is a considerable cost but it is worth it,” said the DUP Cllr.

“We need more modern equipment to identify those involved in anti-social behaviour at various hotspots in the area,” he said.

Cllr Causby said he will continue to work to clean up Hoys Meadows: “Someone is going to get killed there. It is notorious for anti-social behaviour, for alcohol and drug abuse. When I was down there the place was strewn with broken glass.

“I will always continue to fight for the Hoys Meadow area to ensure the area received much needed investment.

“I have informed the police who ensured me that they will carry out a full investigation.

“I have plans to meet with a number of agencies to get something done about this area,” said Cllr Causby, who works full time for a large youth organisation in the Craigavon Area.

“I want to thank those who have been supportive to me since the incident and also to the council who swiftly removed the graffiti,” said Cllr Causby.