Club cries foul over dog mess on pitch

A local football club has issued a '˜yellow card' to dog walkers after fouling of the non-sporting variety on the pitch.

Annagh United Youth Academy took to social media to warn dog walkers off, pointing out they are tresspassing on private property.

In their post the group said: “Warning! To the person walking their dog on our pitch. You are not allowed to enter our private facilities at any time with your dog.

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“We know you are local to the area and we will be reporting you to the authorities for trespassing.”

It was an an issue taken up by Independent Councillor David Jones who told the club: “I totally understand your anger. Sadly this is an issue throughout the area and is constantly being raised at meetings of Environmental Services.

“You would have thought the person whose dog/dogs are responsible would have enough common sense to realise it is a football pitch that youngsters and adults would be playing on. Disgusting.”

The club is not alone in its disgust as in neighbouring Lurgan the rugby and cricket club this week banned dog walkers from their grounds after a player on their pitches ended up covered in dog mess dring a game.

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