Concern voiced ahead of Easter Rising event

The posters were erected in the Stewartstown/Coalisland area of Co TyroneThe posters were erected in the Stewartstown/Coalisland area of Co Tyrone
The posters were erected in the Stewartstown/Coalisland area of Co Tyrone
Serious concern has been voiced by a victims group after the erection of a number of large signs in Co Tyrone relating to events around the centenary of the upcoming Easter Rising.

The signs – erected in the Stewartstown/Coalisland area – refer to an event taking place in Clonoe on Easter Sunday which is described on the poster as an ‘Unfinished Revolution’.

Kenny Donaldson, spokesman for Innocent Victims United, said: “A number of our members living within the Stewartstown/Dungannon area have expressed their deep concern at what they understand this signage to mean.

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“We are aware in 1916 the tactics which Irish republicanism used to assert its will. We are also aware of the tactics used in the border campaign and then the Provisionals’ campaign of 1969 onwards.”

Mr Donaldson said the Provisional IRA justified its use of terror and violence during the Troubles with reference to “revolutionary armed struggle”.

He added: “The term revolution has always had associations with terror and bloodshed and that is how it is not only understood by innocent victims and survivors of those acts but also impressionable young people who remain susceptible to the recruitment campaigns of terror organisations.

“It is uncertain precisely which organisation erected the signage – however, it is likely that the Provisional Republican Movement were involved.

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“There is unfinished business in Northern Ireland and that unfinished business is delivering a society where justice, truth and accountability are the bedrock principles and where people, irrespective of their ethnic or religious background, may live together in peace.”

The Easter Rising in 1916 was a short and ill-fated republican rebellion against British rule in Ireland.

On Friday, the PSNI warned that dissident republicans “want to kill members of the security forces” in the run-up to the centenary of the Easter Rising.

Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin was speaking after a bomb exploded under a prison officer’s van in east Belfast.

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The device partially detonated when the 52-year-old drove over a speed ramp at Hillsborough Drive just after 7am.

The victim, who underwent surgery for his injuries, is now “stable” in hospital.

ACC Martin described the dissident threat as “severe”.

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