Councillor calls for police investigation after finding '˜very threatening sticker'

A Sinn Fein councillor has asked police to investigate after he found an offensive sticker with a sickening sectarian message on signage at a public recycling facility in Banbridge.

Tuesday, 7th November 2017, 12:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:02 pm
The sticker has been condemned as 'offensive' and 'very threatening' by SF Councillor Kevin Savage.

The sticker, which depicts a figure kicking another lying on the ground and carries the wording ‘Kick a Fenian in the Head’, was stuck to a sign for the community recycling facility in the car park at Downshire Place. It has since been removed by council staff.

On Tuesday morning Cllr Kevin Savage tweeted a picture of the sticker along with the message: “This very threatening sticker was put up in Banbridge. It’s purpose to intimidate. I’ve contacted council to remove and police. #HateCrime.”

Although the sticker appears to have been on the sign for some time, Cllr Savage said he only spotted it on Monday evening.

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“It is offensive and it’s obviously designed to intimidate people, I can see no other reason for someone putting it up,” he said.

“I am very surprised that something like this would be put up in Banbridge and it certainly isn’t reflective of the vast majority of people in the town.

“I have contacted the police and they say they are going to look into it and see if any more of these stickers have been put up around the town.”