Boris Johnson has let us down, say Libya-IRA victims

Victims of Libyan-sponsored IRA bombs have accused the government of dashing their hopes.

Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 7:32 am
Docklands Victims Association President Jonathan Ganesh h

Ihsan Bashir, whose brother Inam was killed in the Docklands bomb, said he was “disgusted” that the Shawcross report was being kept confidential.

“I’m pleased the DVA are publishing their report, because the government has devalued the life of my brother and all the victims,” he said.

Susanne Dodd, whose father Stephen, a Met police officer, was killed in the Harrods bombing, said the refusal to publish the Foreign Office report had broken her heart.

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“How can they refuse to give us the report because of national security?” she asked.

“My poor dad saved the lives of countless innocent people and this is how he is recognised by his government.”

Joe Holbeach, who was injured in the Enniskillen bombing, also criticised the government.

“I have now accepted that my life and all those killed in the Troubles are worthless. The UK and Irish victims have been very shamefully treated.”

DVA campaigner Wayne Gruba added: “These victims have waited for too long with absolutely no support from the UK government.

“We thought Boris Johnson would be different, but his government has neglected the long-suffering victims like all those before, and made the pain even worse as he gave the victims hope they would be supported.”

Explaining why the report would not be made public, last month Foreign Office Minister James Cleverly said it had always been envisaged as an “internal scoping” exercise.

“Since it draws on private and confidential conversations held by Mr Shawcross, the government will not be publishing the report.”