Gang of youths attack police as they tried to help teenage drunk

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Police were attacked by gang of youths as they came to help a teenager who had collapse due to the effects of alcohol.

The incident happened at a anti-social hotspot on Lurgan’s Portadown Road.

The Portadown Road subway Lurgan after heavy rain

The Portadown Road subway Lurgan after heavy rain

Two ambulances and multiple police crews were despatched on Saturday night to help the teenager who police said ‘initially collapsed under the effects of drink at the subway underpass on the Portadown Road’.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “We’ve also had teenagers fighting with us at the same location.

Writing on Satuday night, PSNI Craigavon said on Facebook: “Already tonight we’ve had multiple RTCs, mental health calls, assaults and suspected drink drivers.

“Looking after your kids takes us away from that.

“If they’re out and you don’t know what they’re at, it’s time you did.

“It’s clear from speaking to some kids tonight that their parents think “I’m away to the subway” means they’re craving a meat ball marinara. It doesn’t.

“Time for some to step up. Custody and the criminal justice process follows for any one committing violent offences. Being a teenager doesn’t make you immune from consequences.”

It is the latest incident of excessive anti-social behaviour caused by large gangs of youths at the subway.