Not possible to attribute 'significant' South Armagh arms haul to any group, says PSNI

PSNI image - Glock pistol found in South Armagh arms cachePSNI image - Glock pistol found in South Armagh arms cache
PSNI image - Glock pistol found in South Armagh arms cache
​It has not been possible to attribute a haul of weapons found during a search in south Armagh last year to any one group, police have said.

A significant cache was found, including ten firearms, a telescopic sight, magazines and a large quantity of ammunition, during the search operation in Crossmaglen.

Police said the proactive search operation took place in the Monog Road area from October 30 to 31.

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Officers found the weapons and ammunition in a constructed hide, which was buried in a hedgerow on agricultural land.

They have issued photographs of a pistol and a shotgun that were found as part of an appeal for information.

A police spokesperson said the firearms found included five revolvers, two Glock pistols, one AR-15 assault rifle and two shotguns.

"Forensic inquiries are ongoing and therefore it isn't, at this stage, possible to attribute the weapons to a particular group or organisation," they said.

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"While we must keep an open mind about the origins of the weapons, there's no doubt that this haul is significant and had the potential to seriously harm or kill.

"The discovery and seizure is a welcome step in disrupting criminal activity and preventing potential loss of life."

Police have asked anyone with information to contact officers on 101, or the independent charity Crimestoppers, who guarantee complete anonymity, on 0800 555 111 or online at