Police warn over fake driving licences

Police have issued a warning to anyone considering getting a fake driving licence.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 23rd January 2020, 11:02 am
Police warn over fake driving licence scam.
Police warn over fake driving licence scam.

They pointed out those offering the licences are scammers who will take your money and your details for use in further frauds.

And those making the purchase are unliklely to receive the licence.

They also pointed out victims can hardly report the issue to police either as getting a fake licence is illegal anyway.

In a social media post police said: “So, you want a fake license? You want to send your money and all your details? Excellent!

“You don’t get the license. The money you send goes walkies.

“They don’t answer messages. They don’t reply and you have no money or license...

“Yes folks - this is a scam. But it wont be reported to police because it is illegal anyway?

“Double win for the scammers!

“Money and all of your information!

“They can sell on that info or use to commit further frauds.”

They urged people to be on their guard against all manner of online frauds.