Daithi McKay: I admit inapporpriate contact with witness

Daithi McKayDaithi McKay
Daithi McKay
The following is a full statement from Daithi McKay, issued mid-afternoon on Thursday, August 18.

It followed his resignation.

He said: “Shortly before lunchtime today I forwarded to the Assembly Speaker a letter of resignation from my position as SF MLA for North Antrim with immediate effect.

“Having reflected on the allegations against me which have arisen in the last 24 hours and consulted with associates, friends and family, I acknowledge and accept that my contact with a witness to the Finance and Personnel Committee’s NAMA inquiry in advance of his testimony was inappropriate, ill-advised and wrong.

“I apologise wholeheartedly for this.

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“Whilst I don’t offer this in any way as a justification for my action, I want to be absolutely clear that my intention was not, as alleged, to coach the witness in question with regard to the substance of his testimony, but rather ensure that the inquiry had full access to the truth with regard to all the issues relating to the Nama scandal.

“This scandal was and remains an unresolved matter of wholesale fraud and corruption at the highest level affecting parties across the board.

“I hope that my own error of judgement on a matter of process will not provide cover or obscure the real and unresolved questions of substance which remain.

“It has been a privilege to represent the constituency of North Antrim for the past nine years.

“I regret that I will no longer be in a position to do so.

“I have no further comment to make at this time.”