Diet feeding solutions to help improve health and performance

Getting the most from limiting resources is key to financial success on livestock farms. These resources include land, labour, stock, feeds and time.

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Tuesday, 19th December 2017, 6:43 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th December 2017, 6:46 am
Picture shows inside the feeder
Picture shows inside the feeder

In relation to optimising animal performance, this involves measuring output (milk yield, milk solids in dairy enterprises and live weight and carcase gain in beef systems); assessing margins over feed costs; optimising animal health (proper worm, fluke and lice control programmes, vaccination regimes, hoof health etc) and monitoring cow signals (ruminations, gait, manure structure and consistency, water intakes, social interaction within the group, resting and standing times etc).


Chopping, mixing and feeding feeds on farm has a multitude of benefits. When the mix contains the correct balance of chemical constituents along with the appropriate amounts of roughage (quality fibre) it enhances feed intakes, settles the rumen to absorb more nutrients from the feed and raises animal performance and health.

Rumen health drives overall feed efficiency as it helps the animal to retain the maximum amount of nutrients from the feeds to drive performance. Having active papillae in the rumen wall to absorb these nutrients is driven by presenting the animal with palatable, balanced and even more importantly well-structured feeds.

Abbey Machinery has a range of 19 Vertical Auger Diet Feeders, with unique auger profiles that gently chop and mix feeds into a palatable open textured ration that promotes high intakes. With industry leading exit space in their feed out-doors, feed-out time is minimised, thus enhancing labour efficiency.

For example a 15 minute saving per day in feeding time, saves an impressive 45 hours over a 180 day winter period. The essential area when it comes to mix quality is loading order and mixing time so as to end up with a quality presentable mix.

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