Dublin using Brexit to break up UK: DUP MP

DUP MP Sammy Wilson has accused the Irish foreign minister of attempting to use the impact of Brexit on the border as a means to break up the UK.

Leo Varadkar
Leo Varadkar

His remarks come after Simon Coveney dismissed the idea of using technology as a solution to the Irish border after the UK leaves the European Union.

The Irish deputy prime minister told BBC’s Andrew Marr programme that such infrastructure would put the Good Friday Agreement at risk and a seamless border was the only answer.

But Mr Wilson labelled Mr Coveney “belligerent, interfering and Brit bashing”.

And he claimed the Irish government have “stuck their heads in the sand” for refusing to consider technology as a solution.

Mr Coveney said the Republic of Ireland wants a “shared customs territory” - where the same rules and regulations would apply to both sides of the border.

He said: “There was a clear agreement that the British prime minister signed up to that there would be no border infrastructure of any kind, on the island of Ireland and no related checks or controls.

“That means we’re not talking about cameras and scanning systems and drones here.

“It means were talking about a political solution that allows for regulatory alignment in a way that prevents the need for border infrastructure.”

In a statement, the DUP’s Brexit spokesperson Mr Wilson asserted that the border issues can all be dealt with by technology.

He added: “The IRA failed to dislodge NI from the UK with bombs Coveney wont do it with Brexit.

“The UK always has the option to walk away from these negotiations with no deal that really would set the cat among the pigeons as far as the Irish economy is concerned because most of their exports to the UK would face huge tariffs and of course the import substitution which would result would massively benefit NI agriculture and food processing.”