DUP accuses PM of ‘sub-contracting out’ Brexit arrangements

An apparent attempt by Prime Minister Theresa May to seek Jeremy Corbyn’s support for her Brexit deal – rather than seek changes to the Irish backstop arrangement – has been branded “lamentable” by the DUP

Tuesday, 2nd April 2019, 11:46 pm
Updated Tuesday, 2nd April 2019, 11:51 pm
Prime Minister Theresa May. Photo: BBC News/PA Wire

The Northern Ireland party accused the PM of effectively “sub-contracting out” the future of Brexit to the Opposition leader after she announced a desire to hold talks with Mr Corbyn.

In a statement released on Tuesday night, a DUP spokesman said: “The Prime Minister’s lamentable handling of the negotiations with the EU means she has failed to deliver a sensible Brexit deal that works for all parts of the United Kingdom. That is why she has not been able to get it through parliament.

“Her announcement therefore tonight comes as little surprise.

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“Though it remains to be seen if sub-contracting out the future of Brexit to Jeremy Corbyn, someone whom the Conservatives have demonised for four years, will end happily.”

The DUP spokesman said the party wants “the result of the referendum respected” and added: “And just as we joined the Common Market as one country we must leave the EU as one country.

“We will continue to use our position within Parliament and with the Government to argue strongly the case for Northern Ireland and the integrity of the United Kingdom.

“We remain consistent in judging all Brexit outcomes against our clear unionist principles.”