Belfast business launches ‘game-changing moment for carbon capture’

Inovators has created a system which can lower energy costs by up to 80% when compared to alternatives

By Claire Cartmill
Monday, 9th May 2022, 3:00 pm

A Belfast-based company is set to revolutionise the world of carbon capture following the development of a new modular system that can reduce capture costs to as low as £13 per tonne of CO2.

The Nuada system, developed by MOF Technologies, represents a radical change for improving carbon capture in heavy industry across the world.

The team of innovators has created this system which can lower energy costs – often seen as the biggest barrier to implementation of carbon capture at scale – by up to 80% when compared to alternatives.

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Dr Conor Hamill, Co-CEO at MOF Technologies

The first of its kind technology has been specifically designed to capture and remove CO2 at the source in high emissions industries, such as concrete, oil and hydrogen and biofuel production. This is done with MOFs, or metal-organic frameworks, which are carefully engineered filters that use bespoke chemistry to target, capture and remove specific gases like CO2.

Dr Conor Hamill, Co-CEO at MOF Technologies, said: “The main draw for carbon capture is its feasibility in providing businesses in carbon intensive industries with a more accessible way of cutting carbon, while keeping operations running correctly. The cripplingly high energy requirements of alternative routes have proved to be a sizeable and, for many organisations, prohibitive barrier to the implementation of vital carbon capture technologies.

“With our breakthrough, and now greater awareness at board and policy level of the need to rapidly decarbonise, we aim to help industry achieve these goals and positively disrupt the carbon capture industry.”

Following successful prototyping, MOF Technologies is building an in-field pilot plant to further optimise the innovation for use in industry.

Dr Hamill added: “The launch of the Nuada system is a game-changing moment for carbon capture. The energy savings make the cost of each project far more enticing for investors, while also allowing businesses to continue production without falling foul of emissions targets. While the exact route to net zero may still be up for debate, credible carbon capture systems will be central to any realistic plan.”