Video: A Royal Irish Regiment band plays at close of Balmoral Show

This is a clip of a Band, Bugles, Pipes & Drums of the Royal Irish Regiment playing Killaloe in the main arena at Balmoral.

By Staff Reporter
Saturday, 14th May 2022, 6:52 pm

Killaloe is the Regimental Quick March of The Royal Irish Regiment.

The rendition of it, after the band played other songs, brought the Balmoral Show 2022 to a close on Saturday afternoon.

Then there was an RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team landing in the arena, the final moment of the four day show.

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A Band, Bugles, Pipes & Drums of the Royal Irish Regiment play their regimental quick march Killaloe after the band's performance in the main arena on the last day of the Balmoral Show 2022, bringing the event to a close

Visitor numbers were on course for 100,000 people, the organisers of the event said earlier on Saturday.

While there was a Balmoral Show held last year, it was moved from its usual May slot to September, due to the pandemic, and was still subject to Covid restrictions.

This is the first unrestricted traditional May show since May 2019.

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