Farmers for Action warning on ‘Give Way’ signs after Dark Hedges tourist accident

Farmers for Action have issued a warning over the dangers of ‘give way’ signs at a notorious junction near the Dark Hedges, in Co Antrim following an accident involving Canadian tourists.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 22nd May 2019, 4:21 pm
The Dark Hedges
The Dark Hedges

A spokesperson for the group said that the latest accident involving a local woman and her three-year-old, as well as two young Canadians and their two-year-old daughter, took place yesterday (21st May 2019) at the well known accident black spot of Gracehill Road/Breggagh Road crossroads near Armoy.

This is the crossroads where an American tourist lost his live in September 2018.  Breggagh Road is the road tourists use to visit the Dark Hedges. They commute from Belfast turning off for Ballycastle then take the shortcut across the Breggagh Road and across Gracehill Road to the Dark Hedges.

FFA’s William Taylor said both parties spent some time in the ambulances getting checked out, and are all okay bar minor scrapes and bruises.  Both cars are write offs. 

He added: “After talking to attending Coleraine PSNI officers and ambulance personnel - when an accident on Gracehill Road is mentioned they automatically know where it will be.  Yesterday’s Canadian couple are key to solving this as they stated that the ‘Give Way’ sign confronting them at the crossroads meant something totally different to them than us.”

Mr Taylor said Farmers for Action are campaigning to have the ‘Give Way’ signs immediately changed to ‘Stop’ signs on this particular crossroads. 

He added: “The Northern Ireland lady involved in this accident lives locally to the crossroads and like all other locals and others commutes a number of times daily through this crossroads to schools and other and now that we are in full blown tourist season, she and all the regular commuters on Gracehill Road could find themselves in the exact same position or worse at anytime unless something is done immediately to prevent anymore serious injuries or fatalities.”

FFA’s Steering Committee have asked for an urgent meeting with the Permanent Secretary in charge of Roads as soon as possible, where the issue will be discussed along with the terrible state of many of Northern Ireland’s country roads.