Feeling is believing

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I have suffered with chronic pain since I was a child and several years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

While part of me was relieved to have a medical diagnosis, another part was deeply frustrated at the lack of treatment and support for patients.

I distinctly remember my consultant telling me not to bother wasting my energy looking for a solution.

So I was handed a concoction of medication and told to ‘pace myself’. But the very stubborn part of me felt that was just not good enough. There had to be something that would help, something to ease the excruciating pain, the overwhelming fatigue, and the catalogue of other symptoms that go hand in hand with Fibromyalgia.

I am sharing this so that you know that I have tried a huge amount of treatments, pills and potions.

I am also sharing so that you understand that when Dr Murnaghan asked me to try ‘Gravity’ for myself because “feeling is believing”, you know that I experience pain every minute of every day, that I have tried other treatments, and that I was incredibly sceptical about it all.

That being said I was willing to try it out and keep an open mind. After all, maybe there was a chance this could really help.

So there I lay. And then the wheels in my brain started turning. ‘Do I just lie here and do nothing?’; ‘How are these bits of plastic with bumps on them possibly going to help?’; ‘I just know I am going to be the one person this doesn’t work for’.

When Debs came back, removed the cradles and helped me up off the coach, I honestly couldn’t believe how different I felt. My joints and muscles all felt loose. I felt like a rag doll.

I felt that I was standing differently. Has my pain magically disappeared after half an hour? No. Am I suddenly free from stress? No. But do I notice a difference? Most definitely. And more than that, I will be trying Gravity again.