festive ali baba!

Forget about Ali Baba and his 40 thieves!

Come along to the Riverside Theatre in Coleraine from December 4 - 9 and meet ‘Ali Baba and the NAUGHTY Thieves’ - the perfect festive outing for families, schools and youth groups.

Ali Baba is in in a fix.

He wants to marry his neighbour and girlfriend, the quick-witted Morgianna. However, as a brainless woodcutter with no money, a wedding seems altogether out of the question until he stumbles upon a magiccave containing riches beyond his wildest dreams.

Unfortunately, all the treasure belongs to some rather “naughty thieves” who plan to reclaim it!

From Riverbank Productions, the company who brought us Goldilocks and the Grumpy Bears, and Red Riding Hood And the Silly Wolf, this show contains all the ingredients for a traditional panto: a comical hero; his beautiful and clever fiancée; a panto dame (Morgianna’s mum), Kamaria the villain and her fellow naughty thieves; puppets; popular hits from 2017 with an Ali Baba twist, colourful costumes and lots of audience participation.

Come along to the Riverside Theatre, Coleraine to see Ali Baba And The Naughty Thieves, suitable for all the family and especially for children aged five to 10. It’ll be an “Arabian Night” to remember!