Five PSNI officers injured, including one who was bitten, over Halloween

Five police officers were injured, including one who was bitten, during more than 400 call-outs in the Armagh Banbridge and Craigavon district over Halloween.

Shocking statistics show that police made 24 arrests between Monday October 30 to Wednesday November 1 across the district.

On their Facebook page, PSNI Craigavon published a long list of just some of the 410 incidents they had to deal with over Halloween.

Some of the 24 arrests included:

-2 for breach of court bail

-3 for drink driving or driving whilst unfit, including 1 after a drink driver crashed into another car. He was also arrested for careless driving.

-3 for disorderly behaviour, including one in the middle of Craigavon A&E, and another where our guys were spat at, repeatedly.

-1 on a bench warrant

-1 for breach of a deportation order

-1 for assaulting 2 officers while we attended an ASB call. One was bitten, and we’ll be telling more on that incident later in the year.

-1 arrested for Outraging public decency. He decided not to wait to get home before “relieving” himself in a layby.

-1 for threats to commit arson, threats to kill and common assault.

-1 for possessing and selling fireworks without a license.

“The domestic incidents may shock, but sadly aren’t surprising,” said the PSNI and listed:

-4 arrests at domestics for common assault and criminal damage, including 1 where 3 members of the family were assaulted. That suspect was also arrested for possession of an offensive weapon.

-2 arrests at domestics for AOABH (that’s the level of assault between common assault and GBH) At one of these, 2 of our guys were again assaulted trying to protect the victims.

“We also carried out 5 pre-planned search operations,” said the PSNI and listed.

- Suspected heroin, ecstasy, prescription meds and herbal seized.

-1 arrested for possession of Class A and possession of Class A with intent to supply.

-2 arrested for possession of Class A and Class B, and both with intent to supply plus being concerned in the supply of drugs.

“Oh, and we lifted four uninsured vehicles off the road.

“Hopefully you had a calmer and more peaceful Halloween than we did!”