Foster interview: ‘Constitutional status of NI is secure’

Arlene Foster
Arlene Foster

Arlene Foster reveals that “hope and help” are the two themes which she has been exploring in terms of how she intends to make her mark since her appointment earlier this year.

See here for the news of her appointment at the time.

She says that she wants to encourage and inspire young people to “not allow what has happened here in the past to define the future”, and to go on to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Equally, she is keen to “give help to those people who need it, who feel vulnerable,”, and that includes the older members of our society.

And she is in touch with the needs of women of all ages in Northern Ireland as well.

She smiles: “Any mum will want to ensure that their children get a good education, and are often very practical in a way 
that sometimes men aren’t - so I think that practicalities are very important 
to mums, who want to be able to deliver for their children.

“Sometimes the big issues which envelope politics in Northern Ireland don’t seem that relevant to mums in their every 
day lives.

“I certainly believe that the constitutional position of Northern Ireland is settled and secure, so let’s deal with the issues underneath all of that, and try and make a difference 
in terms of getting jobs for our young people coming out of schools, making sure that we maintain our educational standards, and if we need to go to hospitals or the health service that we are able to access it, and so on.”