Humongous 8ft long 30 year-old skate landed off NI coast is world's largest ever

Hamish Currie with the gigantic skate. (Photo: Hamish Currie)
Hamish Currie with the gigantic skate. (Photo: Hamish Currie)
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An enormous eight foot long skate has been landed by a Scottish angler off the coast of Northern Ireland.

Hamish Currie, who is originally from Saltcoats, Ayrshire, took more than an hour to land the fish, which weighed more than 300lb, near Portrush, Co. Londonderry.

Mr. Currie tagged and released the fish after catching it.

The fish is estimated to be more than 30 years-old

"I realised how big it was going to be before it came up on deck. As soon as I got it off the bottom of the seabed I knew this was the real deal," said an excited Hamish.

"I couldn't believe I caught it in water only 40 metres deep.

"I have caught big fish the same as that before but lost them.

"It was so annoying. Crying. I was in the pain locker, as they call it.

"I was tired, but so was the fish," he said relieved.