'It's cool to vote': Andy Murray and Adele urge public to cast ballots

Adele in concertAdele in concert
Adele in concert
Adele, Andy Murray and Holly Willoughby are among the public figures urging people to cast their ballot in the election.

Celebrities from across the world of sport, music, TV and film took to social media encouraging followers to "use your voice".

Murray, who is currently competing in the French Open, posted on Instagram: "Time to go exercise your right to vote today! it's cool to vote and to care about your countries future."

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Adele simply wrote "vote x" in a post on Twitter while fellow singers Paloma Faith, Dua Lipa and Zara Larsson also offered words of encouragement.

YouTube star Zoella Suggs, who boasts more than eight million followers, tweeted: "Don't forget to vote today peeps! It's super important that you use your voice & make a choice!"

Johnny Vegas, Tony Bellew and Alan Davies were among those urging people to vote for Labour, with Bellew revealing it would be his first time casting a ballot.

He posted: "I've never voted in my life but today that changes! I'm hoping you can help this country @jeremycorbyn and keep us all safe. #SaveOurCountry."

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Grime MC JME, who has also backed Mr Corbyn, also voted for the first time. He wrote: "IT'S VOTING TIME!"

Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes was among those urging women to vote in the name of the Suffragette movement, writing: "To all the ladies out there.We were given the right to vote because others suffered & sacrificed. Pls now make it your personal obligation."

She was backed by Scarlett Moffatt who tweeted: "No woman in my family before my great-grandma could vote & billions still can't! Democracy is precious. Please vote #VOTE."

Willoughby wrote on Instagram: "Good morning... firstly and most importantly please vote today!"

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Ricky Gervais posted: "Whoever you decide to vote for, just make sure you vote. No point in whinging afterwards if you didn't even take part. Remember Brexit?"

Polling stations are open until 10pm on Thursday night.