Listen to interview as republican says Catholic judges are ‘traitors who will be dealt with’

Listen as a leading republican labels Catholics serving as judges and prosecutors in the Northern Ireland legal system as “traitors” who will be dealt with as “collaborators”.

Gerry McGeough, who was convicted in 2011 for his role in the attempted murder of a part-time UDR member in Co Tyrone, made his hugely controversial remarks while being interview on an Irish-American radio show at the weekend.

Gerry McGeough  INTT0711-139JS

Gerry McGeough INTT0711-139JS

As well as his conviction for the attempted murder of Sammy Brush, McGeough was also found guilty of IRA membership and of possessing the two revolvers which were used in Mr Brush’s assassination attempt.

McGeough, who was re-elected president of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in Tyrone earlier this year, made his controversial remarks while being interviewed by Martin Galvin for WBAI radio in New York City.

TUV leader and QC Jim Allister said McGeough’s remarks “require to be investigated as incitement,” while Ann Travers, the daughter of a Catholic magistrate, whose sister was murdered during an IRA attack on her family, said the comments made her “beyond angry”.

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