Enniskillen Mart: Heavy cattle selling to up to at £1,380 per head

Another tremendous show of cattle for the second week of may, with a splendid trade in all rings.

Light weight bullocks selling from 210 to 280ppk for a Limousin 342kg at £960, medium weights selling from 200-253ppk for a Charolais 424kg at £1,075, heavy lots selling from 190 to 230ppk for a Charolais 520kg at £1,200 and selling up to at £1,380 per head.


Clabby producer Limousin 342kg at £960, Newtownbutler producer Charolais 370kg at £920, Charolais 384kg at £945, Donegal producer Charolais 424kg at £1,075, Kinawley producer Charolais 340kg at £840, Lisbellaw producer Charolais 378kg at £915, Ballinamallard producer Charolais 520kg at £1,200, Boho producer Charolais 538kg at £1,220 and Banbridge producer Charolais 510kg at £1,135.


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In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £680 to £930 paid for a 355kg Limousin, while heifers ranged from £550 to £1,005 for a 414kg Charolais.

Ruling prices

Enniskillen producer 385kg Charolais heifer at £850, 368kg Charolais heifer at £890, 266kg Charolais heifer at £705, 298kg Charolais bull at £800, Bellanaleck producer 305g Charolais heifer at £810, 315kg Charolais bull at £860, 295kg Charolais heifer at £760, 358kg Simmental bull at £275, Kesh producer 360kg Charolais heifer at £820, 356kg Simmental heifer at £885, 345kg Charolais heifer at £840, 300kg Charolais heifer at £755, 306kg Limousin at £785, 312kg Charolais bull at £830, Garrison producer 238kg Charolais heifer at £655, 220kg Charolais bull at £700kg, 250kg Charolais bull at £770, 224kg Charolais heifer at £640, 290kg Charolais bull at £920, 370kg Charolais bul at £950, 230kg Limousin bull at £765, 270kg Charolais heifer at £700, Belleek producer 250kg Charolais heifer at £645, 355kg Limousin bull at £930, 345kg Limousin bull at £900, 366kg Charolais bull at £900, Derrylin producer 293kg Charolais heifer at £850, 370kg Charolais heifer at £925, 308kg Charolais heifer at £920, Belcoo producer 269kg Charolais steer at £830, 332kg Charolais steer at £895, 283kg Charolais heifer at £740, Kinawley producer 322kg Charolais heifer at £770, 34kg Blonde d’Aquitaine bull at £730 and Tempo producer 304kg Charolais heifer at £775, 350kg Charolais heifer at £800, 430kg Charolais heifer at £950 and 277kg Limousin steer at £735.


Letterbreen producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £320, Enniskillen producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £320, Trillick producer Hereford bull at £320, Limousin bull at £290, Ballinamallard producer Charolais bull at £315, Aberdeen Angus bull at £290, Tempo producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £305, Fivemiletown producer Belgian Blue bull at £285, Lisbellaw producer Simmental bull at £295, Simmental bull at £290 and Derrygonnelly producer Limousin bull at £295


Brookeborough producer Limousin cow with bull at £1,700, Armagh producer Limousin cow with bull at £1,590, Limousin cow with bull at £1,490, Limousin cow with heifer at £1,370, Lisnaskea producer Charolais cow with heifer at £1,560, Simmental cow with bull at £1,520, Charolais cow with heifer at £1,430, Simmental cow with bull at £1,370, Coa producer Belgian Blue cow with bull at £1,400, Leggs producer springing Charolais cow at £1,190, Enniskillen producer springing Aberdeen Angus cow at £1,180 and Trillick producer Limousin bull at £1,300.


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Forward lots sold to 211ppk paid for a 630kg Charolais at £1290 and a top of at £1,360, medium weights from 190-244ppk paid for a 475kg Charolais at £1,160, light weight from 200-245ppk for a 355kg at £870.

Irvinestown producer Charolais 730kg, Derrylin producer Charolais 620kg at £1,295, Charolais 590kg at £1,245, Charolais 570kg at £1,180 and Lisbellaw producer Charolais 630kg at £1,260.

Fat cows

Forward lots sold to 192ppk paid for a 650kg Charolais at £1,250, while medium weights sold from 108-190ppk paid for a 500kg Charolais at £950, Friesian cows from 70-135ppk for a 606kg Charolais at £820.

Florencecourt producer Charolais 720kg at £1,345, Culkey producer Charolais 830kg at £1,330, Maguiresbridge producer Charolais 650kg at £1,250, Rosslea producer Charolais 680kg at £1,085, Belcoo producer Charolais 670kg at £1,120 and Letterbreen producer Charolais 610kg at £1,000, Charolais 670kg at £1,090, Charolais 660kg at £1,000.