Massive entry of 1563 cattle at Clogher


By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 3:13 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 1:43 pm

Another massive entry of 1563 cattle on offer at Clogher Mart this week again sold to a good steady demand for quality lots in all sections.

In the Fatstock Ring Cow Heifers sold to £211 for a 760kg B/B. £198 for a 750kg B/B. and £193 for a 500kg Daq. Fat Cows sold to £176 for a 890kg Ch. £168 for a 570kg Fkv. and £167 for a 790kg Ch. Leading Prices:

Greysteel Producer 760kg B/B. to £211 and £198 for a 750kg B/B. Augher Producer 500kg Daq. to £193 ,600kg Ch. to £160,590kg B/B. to £157. Caledon Producer 680kg B/B. to £192. Warrentpoint Producer 590kg AA. to £191. Clogher Producer 890kg Ch. to £176. Pomeroy Producer 500kg Lim. to £172. Donaghmore Producer 570kg Fkv. to £168. Cookstown Producer 790kg Ch. to £167. Kesh Producer 560kg Lim. to £164. Armagh Producer 590kg Lim. to £162. and 570kg Lim. to £158. Armagh Producer 660kg Lim. to £160. Culkey Producer 660kg Lim. to £158. Tempo Producer 740kg Sim. to £157. Fivemiletown Producer 590kg Ch. to £156. Magherafelt Producer 780kg Lim. to £155. Omagh Producer 690kg B/B. to £155 Pomeroy Producer 680kg Lim. to £152.

Other quality lots sold from £130 to £149.per 100kg

2nd quality lots sold from £111 to £127 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian Cows sold from £108 to £114 per 100kg

Plainer lots sold from £82 to £102 per 100kg

Poorer types sold from £56 to £76 per 100kg

FAT BULLS: 670kg Lim. to £118. 1020kg Sim. to £105. 990kg Ch. to £100. 980kg Lim. to £98. 890kg Ch. top £98. 1040kg Her. to £97. 970kg Ch. to £96. 1030kg Ch. to £96. 960kg Sim. to £93. 900kg S/H. to £89. 820kg AA. to £86.

FAT STEERS (overage): 680kg Fr. to £135. 590kg Shd. to £133. 540kg Shd. to £130. 780kg Fr. to £127. 820kg Fr. to £127. 780kg Fr. to £127. 810kg Fr. to £127. 730kg S/H. to £124. 830kg Hol. to £120. 870kg Fr. to £120. 930kg Her. to £96. 830kg Her. to £90.

FAT STEERS (underage): 720kg Ch. to £181. 550kg Lim. to £180. 510kg Fr. to £168. 660kg Ch. to £167. 570kg Mri. to £160. 510kg Fr. to £156. 530kg Sim. to £156. 690kg Lim. to £156. 700kg Fr. to £150. Lots of other Friesians sold from £134 to £145 per 100kg.

FAT HEIFERS (underage): 490kg Ch. to £187. 550kg Lim. to £186. 470kg Daq. to £185. 540kg Lim. to £184. 530kg Ch. to £178. 640kg Ch. to £170. 590kg Ch. to £168. 610kg Ch. to £167. 540kg Lim. to £165. 460kg Sim. to £161.


Another large entry sold to a brisk demand with strong stores selling to £1440 for a 740kg Lim. £1420 for a 710kg Lim. £1360 for a 760kg Lim. £1340 for a 690kg Sim. and £1320 for a 690kg Lim. to R Wilson Killylea. S J Herron Benburb 760kg Ch. to £1415, 750kg Ch. to £1360, 730kg Ch. to £1350, and 700kg Ch. to £1270. B Cairns Dromara 700kg Lim. to £1390. R I Smyth Pomeroy 690kg Lim. to £1365, 710kg Ch. to £1350, 690kg Ch. to £1345, 660kg Ch. to £1315, 650kg Ch. to £1295, 620kg Daq. to £1285, and 700kg Ch. to £1270. S Holland Clogher 670kg Sim. to £1320. Augher Producer 730kg Ch. to £1300. R Martin Portadown 620kg Ch. to £1265.


R Harkness Crumlin 490kgLim. to £1045. J Watson Portadown 470kg Ch. to £1040, 490kg Ch. to £1025, 480kg AA. to £1015, and 470kg Ch. to £990. C Conway Omagh 440kg Ch. to £1020,480kg Ch. to £985, 500kg Ch. to £980, and 470kg Ch. to £980. C A Dobson Ballygawley 500kg Lim. to £1005. P B Mc Gahan Benburb 470kg Ch. to £1000. P Sommerville Ballygawley 480kg Lim. to £995, 470kg Ch. to £995, 480kg Lim. to £990, and 450kg Ch. to £985. R Ward Omagh 490kg Ch. to £995. J A Agnew Caledon 480kg AA. to £990. G McAnespie Emyvale 470kg Ch. to £990. S Crawford Maguiresbridge 470kg Lim. to £985. F McGirr Clogher 440kg Ch. to £982.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: P & U Jordan Dungannon 400kg Daq. to £890 and 300kg Lim. to £680. J McAninley Dungannon 340kg Ch. to £780, 340kg Ch. to £765. G Mulrine Augher 310kg Ch. to £600. P McKenna Augher 350kg S/H. to £585, and 330kg S/H. to £420.


Another good entry sold to a very keen demand with forward lots selling to £1165 for a 600kg Lim. to P J Doyle Dungannon. Mountview Cattle Dungannon 590kg Lim. to £1155, and 540kg Lim. to £1105. J McClean Dungannon 610kg Her. to £1150. Geo Potts Dungannon 570kg B/B. to £1130, 560kg B/B. to £1125, 560kg Ch. to £1115. A Mitchille Omagh 540kg Daq. to £1120. B Finnegan Dungannon 550kg Ch. to £1120550kg Ch. to £1060, and 520kg Ch. to £1050. A Gallagher Boho 560kg Ch. to £1100. H Halligan Caledon 530kg Ch. to £1090. R S Carson Lisbellaw 520kg Lim. to £1070. L Potts Dungannon 560kg Lim. to £1050 and 560kg Ch. to £1025. C McSorley Omagh 550kg Ch. to £1045. R Watson Augher 550kg Ch. to £1040. E McDermot Augher 540kg Lim. to £1040.


P Fox Ballygawley 450kg Lim. to £1090, 460kg Lim. to £945, 470kg Ch. to £930, 460kg Lim. to £910, and 430kg Lim. to £890. P J Doyle Dungannon 480kg Lim. to £995, and 490kg Lim. to £910. G & M Daly Dungannon 480kg Ch. to £980 and 470kg Ch. to £970. A Gallagher Boho 500kg Ch. to £960. B Finnegan Dungannon 450kg Lim. to £960. F H Owens Ballygawley 410kg Lim. to £900. S Askin Ballygawley 420kg Lim. to £895. E McDermott Augher 440kg Lim. to £890. P Mulligan Newtownbutler 410kg Lim. to £890. T Cassidy Derrylin 430kg Ch. to £890.


J G Coffey Newtownbutler 390kg Ch. to £850, 330kg Ch. to £760, 320kg Ch. to £710, and 390kg Ch. to £700. P Fox Ballygawley 380kg Lim. to £815. B O Rourke Dungannon 400kg Ch. to £810. D McManus Roscor P O 390kg to £800 and 370kg Ch. to £760. P Mulligan Newtownbutler 400kg Lim. to £785. H Halligan Caledon 370kg Ch. to £770. F H Owens Ballygawley 360kg Lim. to £760 and 390kg Lim. to £740. J Leitch Castlederg 400kg AA. to £740. T Hoey Cullyhanna 400kg Shb. to £740. S Askin Ballygawley 380kg Lim. to £700.


A very strong demand in this section with Steers & Bulls selling to a top of £1120 for a 580kg Lim and a 540kg Lim. to £1000 for H McFarland Trillick. M McGoldrick Pomeroy 490kg B/B. to £1035 and a 440kg B/B. to £820. S Smyth Rosslea 470kg Ch. to £955, 530kg Lim. to £900 and 510kg Lim. to £875. B McConnell Clogher 440kg Ch. to £930 and 360kg Ch. to £820. C McDonald Ballygawley 460kg Ch. to £880. Cookstown Producer 430kg Ch. to £875. S.M.X Producer 460kg Lim. to £865 and 400kg Lim. to £775. S O Neill Ballygawley 450kg Ch. to £850. C Boyd Clogher 380kg Ch. to £850. J Armstrong Maguiresbridge 370kg Lim. to £820. M Gibson Tynan 460kg Lim. to £800, 400kg Lim. to £800, and 380kg Lim. to £790. C McCarney Seskinore 360kg Daq. to £795.


K & A Veitch Lisbellaw 380kg B/B. to £990. E McCarville Caledon 390kg Ch. to £805, 360kg Lim. to £765, 350kg Lim. to £760 and 330kg Lim. to £710. C McDonald Ballygawley 400kg Ch. to £800A Smith Seskinore 350kg Lim. to £765. J Mairs Lurgan 320kg Lim. to £760. M Gallagher Omagh 320kg Ch. to £740. Cookstown Producer 360kg Ch. to £730 and 330kg Ch. to £660. J Armstrong Maguiresbridge 340kg Lim. to £700. P McGirr Ballygawley 290kg Lim. to £700. M Gibson Tynan 400kg Sal. to £695. S M Daly Dungannon 310kg Ch. to £660. T J McGeary Pomeroy 300kg Lim. to £650. B McConnell Clogher 300kg Lim. to £640.


A good turnout this week sold to very keen demand for quality lots with a Benburb Producer selling Calved Heifers to £1485 and £1400. Fivemiletown Producer £1275 for Calved Heifer. G Jordan Newtownbutler £1270 for Calved Heifer and £1255 for 2nd Calver. Dungannon Producer £1175, £1160 and £990 for Calved Heifers. W Crean Ballinamallard £1090 for Calved Heifer. G H Graham Kinawley £1040 for Calved Heifer. W J Graham Tamlaght £1030 twice for 2nd Calvers T Reid Dungannon £1025, £960, and £910 for Calved Heifers. Maiden Heifers W Murray £545, £425, and £385 for Ayrshires.


A smaller entry this week sold readily although quality lots were in short supply an Augher Producer sold a 2nd Calver & Bull Calf to £1400 and a Heifer & Bull Calf to £1380. D Williamson Portadown £1390 for a Heifer & Bull Calf. T Grew Corranny £1290 for2010 Cow & Bull Calf. and £1260 for a 06 Cow & Bull Calf. J Dickson Aughnacloy £1280 for a 2012 Cow & Heifer Calf and £1045 for a 05 Cow & Heifer Calf. S Donaghue Coalisland £1240 for 2010 Cow & Heifer Calf and £1145 for a 09 Cow & Bull Calf. M McGirr Tempo £1200 for Heifer & Heifer Calf.


J McClean £1105 and £880. J Doyle £970. G Hobson £950. L Hayes £860 and £770. W White £835, £800, £820 and £690. A selection of B/Fries x Hereford Maiden Heifers sold from £535 to £760.


A large entry sold to a keen demand with Bull Calves (under 2 months) selling to £355 for a Ch. to C Finlay Aughnacloy. K & A Veitch Lisbellaw £330 for B/B. P O Neill Omagh £305 for AA. J Teague Omagh £300 for AA. D R Graham Tamlaght £300 and £290 for Hereford. Dan McKenna Fintona £300 for AA.

HEIFERS: J McDonnell Cooneen £285 for a Ch. P O Neill Omagh £275 for Daq. Dungannon Producer £270, £266, £262 for Limms and £260 for Ch. Wm Wilson Dungannon £255 for Daq. Fermanagh Producer £254 for Sim. and £250 for Lim.

REARED BULLS: M McKenna Augher £640 for Ch. D J Primrose Cooneen £625 for Ch. J J Cassidy Rosslea £600 for AA. F Corrigan Clogher £590 for Ch. A McDonagh Fintona £555 for Sim. Mountain View Farm Augher £550, £500 and £450 for Chars. and £515 for B/B. M/S E & C Boyd Clogher £535 for AA. M Hughes Dungannon £480 for Ch.

REARED HEIFERS: F Corrigan Clogher £530 for Lim. J Beggan Rosslea £500 for Ch. S Keys Clogher 480 for Ch. Mountainview Farm Augher £480, £415, £410, for Chars. S McNelis Beragh £440 for Ch. M Hughes Dungannon £430 for Lim. D J Primrose Cooneen £405 for Ch. M McKenna Augher £400 twice for Chars. R D Wilson Omagh £395 for Lim.