Mid Ulster motor crackdown results in vehicle seizures

A clampdown against irresponsible drivers across the mid Ulster region has resulted in a number of vehicles being seized.


Police and officials from the Driver Vehicle Authority (DVA) teamed up on Saturday night to catch offenders who had tampered with their vehicles or committed other motoring offences.

Police seized six cars and issued defect notices on a further five vehicles.

In addition, officers handed out five fixed penalty notices, seized a van for using red diesel and charged two motorists with driving with no insurance.

The operation was in response to complaints from residents who say parts of Coalisland and Cookstown are plagued by the anti-social behaviour with young drivers causing particular menace on weekend nights.

As well as Coalisland and Clonoe, the team targeted Molesworth Street in Fairhill, and the Lough Fea area of Cookstown.

Police shared the results of the operation on social media and warned motorists to drive safely and respect local residents.

“Please keep your car roadworthy and in good condition”, they said.

“It is for your own safety, your passengers and others using the road.

“Respect the roads and respect your licence.

“We are just highlighting the variety of motoring offences we deal with.

“It isn’t fun to hand fines at any time especially in the run up to Christmas.”