Mini-heatwave over: bubble set to burst on sunny spell

Many of us are enjoying the sunshine today with temperatures expected to reach 16-18 degrees - but sadly the warmth will not last.

Enjoying the sunshine
Enjoying the sunshine

The short bursts of sunshine we’ve enjoyed this week will end, with cooler temperatures and heavy rainfall expected.

Met Office Meteorologist John West said: "At the moment we have high pressure bringing good conditions across the UK.

"That is going to last for the next day or so.

"But unfortunately we will start to see through Saturday some thickening cloud and outbreaks of rain in western parts. Through the course of Saturday night and early on Sunday morning things will turn a little damper in Northern Ireland."

Mr West added that "it is not all bad news" as "once that rain is out of the way on Sunday morning there will be some brighter weather".

"But it will be a fair bit cooler than it has been over recent days," he added. "It is is almost as if we are going back to temperatures that are more average for this time of the year.

"Today in Northern Ireland it will be 16-18 degrees, it may even push up to 19 degrees on Saturday, but as we go into Sunday we are looking at 12-14 degrees.

Enjoying the sunshine

"It will be a bit more whowery when the rain goes through and there will be wind from the atlantic."

Enjoying the sunshine