Mum-to-be Christine Lampard looking forward to baby time and a new chapter

Christine with husband Frank Lampard
Christine with husband Frank Lampard

Mum-to-be Christine Lampard said she has been picking up parenting tips from her One Show successor Alex Jones.

The Loose Women host is expecting her first child with ex-footballer husband Frank, while Jones, who took over from her on the BBC show, welcomed a son last year.

Christine Lampard

Christine Lampard

The pair recently spoke on ITV's Lorraine, where Lampard is filling in for Lorraine Kelly while she is on holiday.

"Alex is great," she said.

"I hadn't told anyone at that stage [that I was pregnant], so we didn't swap tips but her book is fantastic.

"I've read the whole thing and it's packed with stuff. It's all stuff women don't talk about that much. There's a sheer honesty.

Christine in Belfast

Christine in Belfast

"It works, she knows how much I love it.

"All the women have been giving me tips, too!"

Lampard said she feels "lucky" about where she is in her life.

"Not in a million years did I think I would be sat on Lorraine's sofa when she wasn't there. That's a really big deal for me," she said.

One Show host Alex Jones

One Show host Alex Jones

"Personally, I'm just looking forward to baby time and that new chapter really.

"I'm very excited and that is the main thing on the horizon, obviously."

The star said being a step-mother to her husband's daughters has prepared her for the next chapter and that she is planning to take raising her baby a step at a time.

She said: "I have had the girls since they were four and two and they are 13 and 11 so I have been through all the toddler years, the primary and secondary school bit and teenagers are around the corner, that is preparation, although the baby years is all new to me!

"So I'll take it day by day really, like every other new mum."

She continued: "People are telling me, and I would like to think I'm like that anyway, but do your best to relax into it and don't put too much pressure on yourself.

"Don't always be looking at everyone else and thinking, 'It's running perfectly for them, why isn't it for me?'. Give yourself a break. I'll take it hour by hour!"

"I'm relatively relaxed," she said. "Because of what I do, and what my husband does, we are always open to change constantly.

"We have been all over the place and have moved about 20 times during our relationship. You have to be adaptable but as long as your foundations don't change too much, you can work around everything."