'˜Murphy should appear at Kingsmills inquest'

A victims campaigner has called on a man who was found liable for the Omagh bomb to appear at the Kingsmills massacre inquest.
Colm MurphyColm Murphy
Colm Murphy

At a preliminary hearing for the Kingsmills inquest in Belfast yesterday, Coroner Brian Sherrard made an appeal.

He said: “Should anyone be in possession of information about this attack that may be useful, then now is the time for them to make themselves known to me.”

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Ten civilian workmen were gunned down by the IRA at Kingsmills in 1976.

Outside the court, victims campaigner Willie Frazer called for two men to present themselves to the coroner.

“We would certainly call for Colm Murphy to come forward,” he said.

“We would also call for Patrick Joseph Quinn to present himself.”

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Mr Quinn was convicted of attempted murder in 1977 after being arrested in Belleek, Newry with two others.

A weapon recovered at the scene had been used at Kingsmills.

Mr Murphy was jailed in connection with the Omagh bomb but was later cleared on appeal. He was, however, found liable for the bombing in a civil trial.

Speaking to the Irish News in February, Mr Murphy denied any links to Kingsmills.

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“It’s common knowledge that I was questioned at the time but I wouldn’t read anything into that as so were about 20 or 30 other people,” he said.

His name has only recently been linked to the atrocity, he said, which he put down to attempts to “deflect blame”.

“I’ve never been approached by the HET or anyone else in relation to Kingsmills and that should tell you all you need to know.”

The News Letter was unable to reach Mr Murphy for comment.

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