OHIO SHOOTING: Ex-Institute man escapes campus attack

A former Institute player had a lucky escape from the shocking attack at Ohio State University which left 11 injured.

Former Institute defender Niall Logue.
Former Institute defender Niall Logue.

Niall Logue, who is majoring in Communication at the university, has told Sentinel Sport of the chaos and fear experienced by everyone on campus during Monday’s attack.

“It was a little hectic but I was in my first class at 9am and every student who is enrolled in the class gets alert messages from the school if something is going on, so around 9.50am we got a message saying there is an active shooter on campus and for everyone to find a safe place to hide and barricade yourself in if need be,” stated the Gobnascale man.

“The shooter was like 3 or 4 buildings away from where I was at.

“So I made no hesitation and started walking home, thankfully my apartment was in the opposite direction but when I left there were so many cops and army forces about it was a little bit scary, for a campus with 60-70,000 students the place was a ghost town.

“During the occurrences we constantly got updated on what was going on via the school texting system, called Buckeye Alert, by the time I got home it had already been all over the news and to think if he choose a building just a little closer I could have been one of those 10 people hospitalised or even worse.”

An Ohio State student was killed by an officer after he allegedly attacked people with a vehicle and a knife on Ohio State’s campus.

The suspect, identified as 18-year-old Abdul Razak Ali Artan, was shot by Ohio State University Police Officer, Alan Horujko.

Artan allegedly rammed his car into a group of pedestrians at the college and then began stabbing people before police shot him dead. The student’s motive is still not known, but terrorism is a possibility, police chief Kim Jacobs said.

A Buckeye Alert emergency notification was sent out to the campus asking those on campus to find safety.