A Catholics authority should engage with Free P critic

Inside St Anne's Cathedral, BelfastInside St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast
Inside St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast
The Rev John Gray of the Enniskillen Free Presbytery is dismayed (August 3) that the Church of Ireland has seen fit to appoint a Latin Catholic priest as a canon at St. Anne's Church of Ireland Cathedral, Belfast.

Interestingly and presumably, the Cathedral is named after St. Anne which is the traditional name for the Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, Son of God; thereby honouring the Virgin Mary. Surely, the Rev. Gray finds that an even worse anathema than the canon appointment.

The Rev Gray has laid out his objections to this appointment very clearly and which are predicated on his objections to the legitimacy of the Latin Catholic Church, and its Apostolic tradition and sacraments, or Church of Rome as he calls it (non Latin Orthodox Churches might beg to differ regarding the latter name; Constantinople, in Orthodox tradition, is generally referred to as the New Rome).

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The Rev Gray’s letter deserves to be answered point by point by an acknowledged Catholic authority, say a Catholic clergy person based in Enniskillen which is the Rev Gray’s parish. In my estimation, for the Catholic Church not to do would smack of bad manners, if not arrogance or cowardice.

The Rev Gray has presented the Catholic clergy in Northern Ireland, and Enniskillen in particular, with a golden opportunity to engage with him, and the Free Presbyterians of Enniskillen, in presenting Catholic beliefs. Let us pray that they will rise to the challenge.

Micheal O’Cathail, Fermanagh

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