A question for Christians in DUP, particularly its elected politicians

An open letter to the Christians in the DUP:
Letter to the editorLetter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It was recently revealed that the Democratic Unionist Party is running its first openly homosexual candidate in the upcoming local government elections in Northern Ireland, which prompts this request for the Christians in the party. Given the historically evangelical roots of the DUP, its former campaign to ‘Save Ulster from Sodomy’, and its ongoing policy of opposing the introduction of same sex marriage to Northern Ireland, it is necessary to ask a question of the Christians within the DUP.The question is particularly relevant for its currently elected Christian politicians, and prospective councillors who are standing for office in the current election.The focus of this question is very specific. It is not concerned at this point with their views on the DUP’s current policy in relation to same sex marriage, nor even their views on homosexuality itself.Nor is it concerned with the general softening of the party line on homosexuality as seen in several instances over the past few years. It is simply concerned with the decision of the party to field a candidate who is openly homosexual. As public silence on this matter must surely be considered tacit approval, we therefore publicly put the following to the Christians in the party, in the hope that some will publicly declare their position on the matter: Do you support the decision of your party to field an openly homosexual candidate in the Northern Ireland council elections, and do you recommend that people, and specifically Christians, give that candidate their vote?Andrew McDonald, Newtownards

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