Adams, Kenny and Martin want an All Ireland state in the EU

Republican agitation over Brexit is creating a constitutional crisis for unionists.
Ukip's leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA WireUkip's leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
Ukip's leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

My advice is to do what we have failed to do in the past. I urge that we succeed in forming a ‘Unionist Council’.

Putting the country on alert, we need to detail the manoeuvres devised to manipulate the overthrowing of the Union and constitutional position of Northern Ireland.

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We witness the republican/nationisalist conglomerate gathering momentum to drive home a unitary state. Here, in the Republic, across Europe and further afield there is a new aggression built on forcing the Irish question into the outworkings of Brexit.

Enda Kenny’s private briefings igniting talk of a ‘united Ireland referendum’ linked to his saying ‘he does not want to wait 20 years before NI secures accession to the EU’ is sabre rattling to bring about an ‘all Ireland state’ within the EU. Micheál Martin’s pitch to field candidates here is evidence of arrogance, interfering in our affairs. Adams, Kenny and Martin are in it together.

The potent weapon they all see as the time bomb to throw into NI is of course membership of the EU.

Their aim is to bring about an ‘All Ireland state within the EU’. Their tactic is simple. Use the NI Remain vote tacked onto the Scottish vote to break the Union, force two referendums and find the promised land of a new home fastened to the EU.

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The resurgence of republican agitation supported by the take, take, take strategy of Sinn Fein is cloaked in a disguise of fake and phoney images to outsiders. It is that theatre of consequences unionists must quickly address.

To present our case and defend our position, unionism has to be strong-willed. Not be lulled into false dawns or promises, especially by the Tories. Unionists require to be united as never before. One leader, one voice, one direction and one cause. Confident, vibrant unionism extolling a single message of a unity of purpose. It means putting ‘people and country first’. Our opponents will exploit division.

We are facing an almighty republican push to end our very existence. If successful that push will drive the British unionist out of the Union and into an anti British all Ireland state controlled by a bitter EU establishment.

• David McNarry is NI leader of Ukip