David McNarry: Turnout in election will be key, as will be plumping for the unionist candidate capable of winning

Letter to the editorLetter to the editor
Letter to the editor
In the absence of unity candidates in winnable seats, unionist voters have a job to do.

Turnout at the general election will make the difference between securing a unionist seat and losing it .

This is an election where plumping for the unionist candidate capable of winning is of immense importance . Turnout and plumping will deliver a strong message from the unionist family to London .

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We are not voting in normal times or circumstances . I understand and sympathise with those who are not disposed to voting outside their party loyalty comfort zone .

But needs must , call plumping this time a necessary case of lending your vote. Republicans will be out in their droves with one intent: To defeat and wipe out unionism. A split unionist vote is a luxury which cannot be afforded . Any party promoting a split vote is guilty of stooping to the lowest of the low .

A split vote in North, South and East Belfast will hand seats to parties which cannot be trusted to fight for the Union.

In deference to those who turnout they are to be admired, to those who plump, in most cases necessarily for the DUP candidate, trust me.

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Be advised that mightier men and women than myself will ensure that your decision will be respected and honoured. It being incumbent therefore on all unionists from the broadest spectrum possible to go the extra mile in making our vote count.

David McNarry, Strangford