DUP have failed to tell Tories they will bring government down if attacks on marriage and unborn proceed

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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In the face of unprecedented attacks on marriage and the unborn in Northern Ireland, carried out by MPs in Westminster who do not represent Northern Ireland, and in clear breech of the confidence and supply agreement in which the Conservatives pledged to honour the principle of consent in matters pertaining to Northern Ireland, why have the DUP still failed to tell the prime minister that they will bring the government down if these plans proceed any further?

It is a question many have been asking, and not getting a satisfactory answer to. I hope that the growing suspicion that the party are making angry noises but not prepared to sacrifice “confidence and supply” to stand up for what is right, is not true.

This is a huge moment in our history.

We need those who represent us to fight these proposed laws with every weapon in their armoury, and not to roll over and say, “Westminster did it!”

Lee Maginnis, Portadown