DUP kept cash for ash scheme open at the end to placate Sinn Fein

With the general election now imminent it is indeed unfortunate that the report into the RHI scandal has not yet materialised, but there is some comfort for the public in the publication of Sam McBride’s book on the scandal — perhaps the tribunal could just adopt his book as their report.

Wednesday, 13th November 2019, 8:00 am
Letter to the editor

There is much comment that could be made on the foot of the factual statements contained in Mr McBride’s book but one will suffice which should justify the unionist electorate not voting DUP: namely the scheme was deliberately kept open by the DUP for an additional two weeks to placate Sinn Fein and resulted in a multimillion pound increase to the bill for the taxpayers.

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After all in true republican fashion it was going to be paid by London.

Is it any wonder the assembly members are not embarrassed claiming salaries and expenses from the assembly during the past one thousand days?

Lyle Cubitt, Ballymena