Editorial: The huge costs to the public of the Casement GAA stadium are not justified

News Letter editorial on Friday November 17 2023:
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Morning View

​Among the charges that can be laid against Chris Heaton-Harris as secretary of state is one of naivete.

Mr Heaton-Harris was naive when in May he was asked about the funding of Casement Park GAA stadium, he merely replied, with an emerging smile, that it would be found.

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Perhaps Mr Heaton-Harris was thinking that he was displaying a governmental generosity with which everyone would agree. After all, the IFA of all organisations had backed this plan to upgrade Casement and use it as a Euros venue. But, for all the pressure on football fans and unionists to endorse this plan, it is flawed from a sporting perspective and utterly unjustifiable from a cost one.

The three big sports of rugby, football and GAA in Northern Ireland rejected a plan that began to emerge 20 years ago of a single sports stadium. That was a pity, but it is what happened, in part because a venue could not be agreed. GAA never got its share, of £62 million, to which it is entitled, indeed with inflation (despite the GAA's own culpability in delays). That would be closer to £90 million now. But the cost of Casement has spiralled to perhaps £150m+ after VAT.

It is completely unacceptable for Mr Heaton-Harris merely to smile smugly and tell the wealthy GAA what it wants to hear, that it will get a blank cheque. This is particularly so in a time of extreme financial constraint for vital public services. It is also utterly wrong to depict expenditure on Casement as merely a good news story about the Euros. It is, of course, wonderful for Northern Ireland to see such a tournament played here but lamentable that no football stadium is worthy of hosting it.

Northern Ireland fans have reacted with notable restraint, merely expressing “disappointment” in a letter exchange with the IFA. Mr Heaton-Harris’s response is the same as before, hailing the plan and saying that all will be well.