Editorial: Wishing Princess Catherine a swift and full recovery from her illness

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News Letter editorial on Saturday March 23 2024:

The Princess of Wales’s brave message about having cancer has shocked the nation.

There have been weeks of speculation about her wellbeing, some of it now made to look foolish or even cruel.

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Her Royal Highness was last evening the subject of an outpouring of concern and affection. Not only is Kate Middleton a youthful mother of young children, her dignified video message has reminded everyone that she is an outstanding royal.

The family has been rocked by setbacks, including a cancer diagnosis for King Charles, and a diminished pool of members who are currently available for public engagements.

But the royals never complain and rarely explain, and are loved all the more for their fortitude. Catherine, Princess of Wales, has understood this intuitively, and so in her selflessness has helped to embed the future of the monarchy at this challenging time for the king and his relatives.

Events of the last 24 hours have shown how ill-judged it has been to speculate about body doubles and other nonsense conspiracy theories. When people are ill they often lose weight or for other reasons look different.

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It is reported that there might have been a leak of the princess’s medical notes. We can only hope there has been no such abominable behaviour by medical staff.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, who have been role models for young people, have not only had to endure the private anxiety of a cancer diagnosis but also demands that they explain their absence from the public eye.

Now we know the fully justified reasons for their low profile.

That the princess has spoken about cancer will help to spur many people to get checked for the disease.

The Wales’s now need time and space to focus on Her Royal Highness and their children. They do so with all of our best wishes.

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