Hypocrisy in the attacks on Paisley

I am a not and never was a supporter of Ian Paisley but I am disgusted at the hypocritical stance of the political class the '˜great and the good' and the political commentators.

1. This event occurred in 2013 and quite clearly he should have reported it

2. He did not squander taxpayers’ money as it was paid by the Sri Lanka government

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3. The comparison which some have made with Barry McElduff is wrong; McElduff’s actions were interpreted as celebrating the slaughter of Protestant workmen by PIRA

4. Tony Blair gave in effect amnesty letters to the IRA murderers, such as at Kingsmill, and yet there was no motion of suspension for him

5. If Paisley was wrong how much more barefaced are the MLAs who keep collecting their full salary when Stormont is suspended, partly brought about by the shenanigans of DUP members?

6. For years the European parliament paid MEPs allowances for travel and accommodation and if they obtained cheaper rates they were allowed to keep the difference tax free and it took years for this to change but still the European accounts have still not passed accountancy scrutiny.

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The truth is with super injunctions and right to privacy claims much of the goings on are kept from the public and there is no outcry from any of the legislative jurisdictions or the media of this underworld.

Lyle Cubitt, Ballymena