It is business as usual for the UUP

Mike Nesbitt has undertaken many roles to date but last Saturday marked another twist with his attempt to emulate Harry Houdini.

Live on stage Mike welcomed SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood whilst also outlining his commitment to a “post-sectarian society”.

Sadly for Mike, his attempt to portray the Ulster Unionist Party as a moderate force dedicated to moving Northern Ireland away from its divided past has already been proven to be a failed stunt.

Whether it’s his comments failing to rule out another electoral pact with the DUP to perpetuate divisive politics of ‘them and us’ or a Party Political Broadcast which attempts to re-write history, ignoring the Civil Rights movement, historic role of the Ulster Unionist Party in discriminating against Catholics and conveniently failing to acknowledge the murderous past of loyalist paramilitaries last Saturday was an embarrassing farce without much substance but plenty of proof that it’s business as usual for the UUP.

Andrew Muir, Councillor, Alliance Party