Jim Allister: Unionists should reject devolution if it must include SF

It is 10 years this week since the Sinn Fein/DUP marriage in government.

Now in 2017 it lies in ruins. Why?

Because Sinn Fein was never in government to make Northern Ireland work.

It is as simple as that.

The real question now is whether those unionists who believed otherwise have learned their lesson?

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Or, after the latest election, will they rush headlong into a concession a day to lure Sinn Fein back into Stormont?

Devolution at any price should be repudiated.

If devolution is only possible with a party at its heart determined to ensure Northern Ireland doesn’t work, then it is not worth having.

Indeed, it is damaging to the Union.

Not so long ago the DUP claimed that through Stormont rule the Union with Great Britain had never been stronger; now they seek votes to save the Union!

TUV has always been clear that putting IRA/Sinn Fein in government would indeed weaken the Union.

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Some now seem surprised that after all Sinn Fein was not in government to make Northern Ireland work.

It seems TUV was right all along!

Sinn Fein is clear on its Stormont tactics.

On Easter Sunday Michelle O’Neill said “We want to be in government in both parts of Ireland ... to finish the business of 1916.”

Could they make it any clearer?

To work rigged devolution with Sinn Fein is to facilitate their agenda.

No unionist, or unionist party, should play their game.

Jim Allister MLA, TUV leader, North Antrim