Killing is a result of sectarianised ghettos of Orange and Green

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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The horrific murder of Lyra McKee, another family and friends robbed of a loved one.

We all must call this as it. This is the result from the sectarianised ghettos, the preserve of the Orange and Green political machine. It is sickening to listen as these parties spout spurious regrets and hollow condemnations. Such parties have whipped up the Orange and Green hatred on the run into elections. When this boils over, those promoting politics of division and fear share responsibility. It’s up to us to send the message: ‘The only us and them is us the working-class and them our exploiters.’

Today in Northern there’s not a reason to lift a stone let alone throw it in anger. There are many important things we need to address in our society and in my opinion number one is to protect the NHS from privatisation.

This is about caring for the sick saving lives and spreading of love and care throughout Northern Ireland .

Padraig Murphy, Chair of LPNI, BT6